Queen of 3D styling Steamed buns
-Chairman of Innovative Art Pastry Association.
-Creative Director of Harmony Life Academy.
-Head teacher of Private Harmony Baking Short-Term Busiban.
-Chef of Qo'eat 3D styling Steamed buns.
-Founder of Shanghai Qo’eat Education Group.
-R & D consultants for major food factories.
-Level B technician for baking food.
-Teaching overseas like in Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia.
-Global fans in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia,Austria, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Belize, USA, Canada, Australia
-Winter and summer citizen camp study, Miaoli Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop, Kinmen Family Support Center Teaching Guide.
-Competition referee of 2019 Korea International  Artisan Festival.
-Judging at the Mazu Food Festival Skills Competition in 2020.
-Bestseller of Eslite Corporation, Books, Kingstone, Taobao, Kinokuniya bookstores and Popular online.

The book, Kawaii Mini steamed buns
was published on Nov.5, 2019
was honored with the 1st place in the real-time list 
was honored No.1 in the best-selling list of Chinese food novels in Books.

The book, Kawaii 3D shape Tang Yuan
was published on Apr.4, 2019
was honored with the 1st place in the real-time list in Books.

The book, Maggie’s buns recipe happiness handmade,
steamed buns cookbook,
was published on Jan. 3, 2018
was honored with the 3rd place in new book list in Books.

The book, Kawaii 3D shape steamed buns
was published on Jan.10, 2017
was honored with the 59th activity of 2017 yeartop in Books.

The book, Kawaii shape steamed buns
was honored with the 27th activity of 2016 yeartop in Books and 
was honored with the 40th activity of 2017 yeartop in Books.

-Popularity on Google and Facebook.
-Moderator of the Groups of “Maggie’s Wonderful Table”in Facebook.
-Special interview of CTiTV Inc.
-Special interview of SET News Channel.
-Special interview of EBC Media Inc.
-Special interview of GTV Media Inc.
-Special show guests of FTV News Channel.
-Special interview of ECFA on Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
-Interview by China Times, Liberty Times, Want Daily, 
FTV News Channel, Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Next TV, TVBS Media Inc., Wei Hai TV, Share99 website.
-Interview by Next Magazine.
-Special interview of Golden Bell Awards Host Lin Li.
-Live demonstrate in Taipei 2017 International bakery show.
-Live webcast of Master Kitchen on HowLiving.
-The book, The most powerful is dream No.9, 
neversurrender of starting up life, 
was published in Sep. 2017.
-School invited to serve as a guide
Taipei Kai Ping Culinary School
Fo Guang Shan Open University, Taipei Campus
Neng Ren Home Economic And Commercial
Vocational High School
New Taipei Minicipal Jin-Shan High School Taoyuan City Daxing High School
Yuanpei University of Medical Technology 
Miaoli County Sanyi High School
Youth Senior High School
She-Te Home-Economics & Commercial High School
Pingtung University of Science and 
Technology Department of Hotel and RestaurantManagement
Yi-Lan Special School